ACPBC Professional Insurance Policy for Members: E&O, General Liability, Environmental Liability

Two Professional Insurance providers are now available for ACPBC members. The FCPC is offering Professional Insurance through HUB on a 2 year trial basis (BC, AB, SK, ON and NS). Christie-Phoenix continues to provide coverage for ACPBC and ACPA members, and plans to expand coverage across Canada and reduce premiums later in 2016.

When renewing your professional insurance, please remember to compare your current policy with the group insurance policies set up for the ACPBC and ACPA. Very competitive coverage is available to members for errors & omissions, general liability and environmental liability for work in Canada and the US.

It is important to mention that ACPBC and ACPA members can apply for this insurance but are under no obligation to proceed with it. Based on the projected premiums, there could be significant cost-savings for smaller companies and individuals. We believe that this group coverage is a significant membership benefit. Please keep in mind that the application process may take several weeks.

1. HUB Insurance through the FCPC

Hub Introduction Letter

HUB Coverage

2. Christie-Phoenix for ACPBC and ACPA members

Below is an outline of the policy from Christie Phoenix. Interested members can apply for coverage by requesting an application form from Chris Flint at

The underwriter is Lloyds of London. Applications are in two groups based on company size. The coverage is valid for work anywhere in Canada, and for work in the U.S. (up to 30% of annual income).

For companies/individuals with less than $250,000 annual income, there is a short application form for ACPBC members under the group policy:
E&O coverage for $1,000,000 is $1,000 annual premium. $2,000,000 is $1,500.
General liability insurance for $2,000,000 would be an additional annual premium of $500.
Pollution/environmental liability would be an additional annual premium of $500.

For companies with annual income of more than $250,000, a long form application is required. The premium rates for larger companies are given on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any comments or questions about this insurance policy, please contact:

Chris Flint, CAIB, CRM
Managing Partner, Christie-Phoenix
101-4430 W Saanich Rd.
Victoria BC V8Z 3E9
(250)386-1454 Phone
(250)386-0604 Fax