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Paulo Sgarbi
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Langara College
Basic Research, Consulting, Drug Development, Education, Industrial Research and Development, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
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I have been teaching in the post-secondary education level in British Columbia since 2006. As faculty at Langara College, I teach the Organic Chemistry courses and Organic Chemistry for Biology Majors, besides General Chemistry courses. My past experience in the pharmaceutical sector has allowed me to bring a bit of Medicinal Chemistry into these courses, which is greatly appreciated by the students. I am a member of the Research Ethics Board at Langara, and I am currently also the project manager for the "Ciencias sem Fronteira" (Science Without Borders) scholarship program at the college, an initiative of the Brazilian governement. Besides my experience, as a post-secondary educator, I have past experience in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, conducting and managing drug-discovery research in start-up and small-cap biopharmaceutical companies in the US and Canada, mostly in multidisciplinary teams, and often requiring close work with CROs in Canada and acbroad. My main areas of interest in industry R&D included polysaccharide synthesis (cancer vaccine); synthetic analogues of aminoglycoside antibiotics; antiviral agents (HCV and HBV); and discovery and preclinical development of novel lipopeptide antibiotics.
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