Category: February / 2016

A chemist in the food industry

Chemists protect public health through their work in the food industries.  Discover a Chemist in the Food Industry is another in a series of YouTube videos produced by Ordre des chimistes du Québec (OCQ).  It offers a glimpse of the work chemists do in monitoring the purity and quality of foods and beverages, the levels of additives, and the packaging  essential to getting  your food from the farm to your table.

We thank our colleagues at OCQ for this initiative.


Landfill and Lagoon Leachate Workshop

The Associations of the Chemical Profession in Alberta and Saskatchewan are pleased to offer a one-day workshop on chemical leachate issues that affect landfills and lagoons. Special consideration will be given to the plight of small rural communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan that may face leachate regulations and potentially costly programs to monitor, manage, and remediate their facilities. This workshop will bring together the expertise of professional chemists from both provinces to address the challenges facing regulators and leachate liability holders. It will help stakeholders and decision makers understand the basic chemistry of leachate components, outline the problems that leachates can cause, and provide strategies for dealing with leachate liabilities.

The course will be held April 8, 2016 at Lakeland College in Lloydminster, Alberta
For additional information and registration, visit the ACPA website.