Month: December 2017

ACPBC Undergraduate Scholarship Winner Lavraj Lidher

The ACPBC congratulates Lavraj Lidher of Thompson Rivers University as the 2017 ACPBC Undergraduate Student Scholarship winner.  Lavraj is a 4th year student in an honors program in Chemical Biology. He has volunteered extensively in chemistry outreach activities including the Eureka summer camp program, and the TRU Family Night of Science.  Read more here. Congratulations Lavraj!

A Chemistry Advent Calandar

Ever wondered about the chemistry of all the great tastes, smells, and sparkle of Christmas?  Then check out the 2017 Advent Calendar at COMPOUND iNTEREST.  Andy Brunning, a chemistry educator based in Cambridge UK, posts easy-to-read chemistry infographics.  December 1, 2017 was on the flavours of chocolate, December 2 on the odor of Christmas trees, …