Scott Hoekstra, President [shoek (at)] City of Kelowna
Blair King, Past-President [president (at)] Parsons
Audrey Wagenaar, President-Elect [awagenaar (at)] Golder Associates
Dennis Wester, Secretary [dwwester (at)]
Kevin Taylor, Treasurer [treasurer (at)] Taylor Industrial Research
Sandy Briggs [briggsag (at)] University of Victoria
Grant Bruce, Member [gbruce (at)] Hatfield Consultants
Fred Chen, Member [ fred.chen (at)] Nilex
Deanna Cottrell, Member [deanna.cottrell (at)] Shell
Jason Crawford, Member [crawford (at)] Center for Drug Research and Development


Lavraj Lidher, Student Member
Gary Leach, CIC Vancouver Section representative
Dave Berg, CIC Vancouver Island section representative