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Caleb Bromba
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BC Hydro
Analytical Chemistry, Basic Research, Consulting, Contaminated Sites, Drug Development, Education, Environmental Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Oil and Gas Industry, Organic Chemistry, Regulatory and Government, Science or Technical Writer
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Caleb Bromba graduated from the University of Victoria with a PhD. in Chemistry in 2012. His thesis focused on small molecule-protein interactions for HIV and the H1N1 flu virus, as well as the synthetic design of new age drug molecules. He has also completed research on the environmental impacts of pharmaceutical drugs in aquatic ecosystems. Caleb has several years of experience working in industry laboratories as a senior analyst and aided AGAT labs in Fort St. John, BC with their CALA accreditation for the organic department. Following AGAT, he worked for the Assessment, Remediation, and Reclamation team at Matrix Solutions in Fort St. John where his experience included soil assessments, groundwater monitoring, remediation, as well as playing an instrumental part in designing and implementing field policies and procedures. Caleb is currently working for BC Hydro as an Environmental Risk Manager for the Site C Dam project. His role include assessing environmental risk for the main civil works project.
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Professional Chemist