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Byron Gates
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Simon Fraser University
Analytical Chemistry, Basic Research, Education, Energy, Materials Chemistry, Occupational Health and Safety
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As a Canada Research Chair in Surface Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, Byron Gates built a research program to investigate the interface and surface chemistry of nanomaterials. His research program has sought to advance our knowledge of and ability to control these interfaces through chemical modifications. His work includes a series of analytical and materials studies to prepare and analyze the surface chemistries of nanostructured materials. Significant developments include the preparation of designer syntheses of nanoscale materials, delivery and release on command of small molecules from the surfaces of nanoparticles using the photothermal effect, and stabilization of materials through surface chemistry modifications. Dr. Gates has also demonstrated new technologies in materials design and fabrication through self-assembly (e.g., photonic bandgap materials and porous membranes) and patterning by developing complementary lithographic approaches to existing technologies (e.g., soft lithography and edge lithography). His current efforts build upon and apply these technologies across many scientific disciplines and in new areas of research that include the preparation of well-defined models of catalyst layers and catalyst supports for use in studies related to low temperature fuel cells, establishing the on-set of corrosion in nanoscale materials, developing techniques for the detection and workplace remediation of nanomaterials, and development of both enhanced, high-resolution biological imaging and on-demand delivery and release of therapeutics for use in the management of cancer. Dr. Gates received his B.Sc. from Western Washington University, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington while working with Professor Younan Xia. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University with Professor George M. Whitesides, before joining the faculty at Simon Fraser University where he is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and the principle investigator for the Centre for Soft Materials in 4D LABS.
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Professional Chemist