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Daniel Gorsic
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SynergyAspen Environmental Inc.
Basic Research, Business, Contaminated Sites, Environmental Chemistry, Oil and Gas Industry, Regulatory and Government
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My purpose is the same as SynergyAspen’s purpose; which is to help our clients create an environmentally sustainable organization, professionally develop and support people, and to maximize cost savings, revenue and profit while benefiting the environment, local organizations and the public. We currently do this by providing professional services in the fields of contaminated sites, reclamation and natural sciences. We value Innovation and Excellence, Team Work, Synergy and Safety. We work in a manner consistent with our Desired Behaviours. This means we promote, nurture and fiercely protect (when needed) the corporate culture and working environment our team worked so hard to create. If you’re looking for just a chemist, that’s not me. If you’re looking for a chemist that works with a great team, while incorporating some of above, that might be me/us…
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Professional Chemist
604.803.4665 (cell), 604.931.1026, ext. 101 (office)